Student Facilities Fund | Proposal Criteria

Proposal text should not exceed three pages (about 1500 words). Extra pages for pictures, diagrams, and letters of support/endorsement are allowed and encouraged.

Before submitting, you are encouraged to visit the Facilities Management website, as well as the Department of Facilities Planning site.

Proposer(s): Full name(s) and affiliation(s)

Abstract: This will be published on this website should your application be chosen for funding. Tell us in under 200 words what your proposal is and its desired outcomes.

Purpose: A brief and clear description of the objective of your proposal.

LocationInclude a specific location for your project, preferably with a map or illustration.

Overall Impact: What special impact will your proposal have on the student experience at the University of Maryland? Remember, as all students pay into this fee, all students must have the opportunity to benefit from your proposal. You are encouraged to visit the UMD Facilities Master Plan to see how your proposal fits in to the overall goal here at UMD.

Institutional Support: Does this proposal have support from the appropriate campus entities? Please include a signed endorsement of the highest ranking responsible party to whom the space is assigned (such as an academic dean or his or her designee, a vice president or his/her designee, or the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management), and who is committed to advising throughout project implementation.

Budget Justification: A categorical description of the proposed costs. Staffing salaries should not be listed. Add major cost categories and/or lists of items that make up the total costs. If your project requires specific materials, please include a cut (specifications) sheet for each. If you cannot find a specifications sheet, please at least include a picture. 

Connection to Campus: Does this proposal directly address needed facilities improvements on the (UMD) campus? Otherwise, does it directly influence student safety or interest in the surrounding community?

Sustainability: If the proposal requires recurring resources, how will these be updated and maintained in the future? What is the estimated life-span of this proposal?

Student Interest: Does the proposal have the support of students? Does it directly benefit students? Is it a proposal that a department would otherwise be required to implement?