University of Maryland
Student Facilities Fund Bylaws
March 30, 2017

Mission Statement
The Student Facilities Fund provides funding for student supported facilities projects and improvements that will positively impact and enhance the student experience at UMD. The Student Facilities Fund is supported by student fees and administered through a student-majority subcommittee of the University Facilities Council. The committee shall review facility proposals to enhance the student experience at the University of Maryland and forward its recommendations to the Facilities Council.

Article 1: Student Advisory Subcommittee

Section 1.1: Powers and Voting
The Student Advisory Subcommittee of the University Facilities Council is responsible for recommending projects to the Provost to be considered to be funded by the Student Facilities Fund. Projects will be identified by the Department of Facilities Planning for consideration by the Student Advisory Subcommittee or they may be identified by a student. A simple majority of the Subcommittee’s full membership is required to finalize a recommendation. The Student Advisory Subcommittee Reports to the Senior Vice President and Provost. Project recommendations will be reviewed by the Senior Vice President and Provost prior to being submitted to Facilities Council for approval.

Section 1.2: Duties of the Subcommittee
Subcommittee members shall review project applications and recommend allocation of funds to the
Facilities Council.

Section 1.3: Member Representation
The Subcommittee shall consist of at least four undergraduate students, two graduate students and two non-students as identified below. Additional members may be added by the Facilities Council.

Voting Members and Terms:

  1. The undergraduate member of the Facilities Advisory Committee.
  2. A minimum of three undergraduate students appointed by the Chair of the Facilities Council (Provost) from nominations from the Student Government Association. These individuals cannot serve for more than two consecutive years as members of the Subcommittee.
  3. A minimum of two graduate students appointed by the Chair of the Facilities Council (Provost) from nominations from the Graduate Student Government. These individuals cannot serve for more than two consecutive years as members of the Subcommittee.
  4. A member of the University’s Facilities Advisory Committee. This individual is appointed to the Subcommittee by the Chair (Associate VP for Facilities Management) of the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC). Term will be for two years and may be repeatable.
  5. A staff member who is a member of the University’s Facilities Council. This individual is appointed by the Chair of the Facilities Council (Provost).
  6. The Director of Facilities Planning (or designee), who is responsible for overseeing the final fund allocations as explained in Section 2, will serve as ex-officio as a non-voting member of the Subcommittee.

The Subcommittee may invite experts/guests to provide information and draw on campus expertise as needed.

Section 1.4: Officers of the Subcommittee
The Subcommittee shall have two officers: a Chair and a Vice Chair

The Chair shall be the undergraduate student representative of the University Facilities Advisory Committee and will preside at all meetings of the Subcommittee, acting as a facilitator. The Chair shall also coordinate and approve meeting agendas.

At the beginning of each term of office (September 1), the Subcommittee will take nominations and volunteers for Vice Chair. The Subcommittee shall select the Vice Chair by majority vote. The Vice Chair will assist the Chair with his or her duties. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall assume all duties of the Chair. The Vice Chair may be any voting member of the Subcommittee.

Section 1.5: Terms of Office
Each member of the Subcommittee will be appointed for one year beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31 of the following year. Faculty and staff members may serve successive terms, provided they remain FAC members.

The Facilities Council Chair (Provost) must solicit nominations by May 15 each year and appoint new Subcommittee members before the beginning of the fall term.

The Chair and Vice Chair shall hold office for one year.

Section 1.6: Member Qualifications
All student members of the Subcommittee must be registered (full or part-time) UMD students during their term/s of office.
Staff and faculty members of the Subcommittee must be currently employed by UMD.

Section 1.7: Member Replacement
In the event of repeated absences, conflict of interest, or other appropriate reason, the Subcommittee may recommend to the Facilities Council Chair (Provost) that a member be removed.

In the event a Subcommittee member is removed or resigns, the original appointing body will select a replacement. The new Subcommittee member will serve the remainder of the original member’s term.

Section 1.8: Conflict of Interest
The Subcommittee shall conduct itself in such a way that its decisions avoid conflicts of interest as well as any appearance of a conflict of interest.

Article 2: Allocation of Funds and Project Selection

Section 2.1: Allocation of Funds
The Subcommittee shall decide which projects to recommend to the University Facilities Council for funding by a simple majority vote of the full Subcommittee membership. The Subcommittee may elect
to recommend funding for a portion of a proposal. The Student Advisory Subcommittee may submit recommendations to the Facilities Council at any time.

Section 2.2: Criteria for Proposed Projects
The Subcommittee shall give preference and priority to project proposals that meet the following criteria:

1. Connection to Campus
Project directly addresses needed facilities improvements on the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) campus or in the capacity that on-campus activities directly influence student safety or interest in the surrounding community.

2. Feasibility and Institutional Support
Project is feasible and has support from appropriate campus individuals and entities. Individual students or student organizations must have a signed endorsement of the highest ranking responsible party to whom the space is assigned (such as an academic dean or his or her designee, a vice president or his/her designee, or the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management), and who is committed to advising throughout project implementation.

The Subcommittee may determine additional requirements and preferences for each year’s funding cycle provided that these criteria are consistent with the overall mission of the Student Facilities Fund and consistent with the criteria and preferences outlined above.

Section 2.3: Review of Proposals
Members of the Subcommittee may submit proposals for consideration but any member who submits a proposal must recuse him/herself from voting on that proposal.

Article 3: Other Rules Governing Student Facilities Fund Funds

  1. The Subcommittee may not recommend more than 100 percent of the funds to the Facilities Council. Any funds not allocated in a given year shall remain in the Student Facilities Fund account for future use.
  2. Funds allocated to a project that are not spent within the approved project time frame or one year, whichever is longer, shall be returned to the Student Facilities Fund for reallocation.
  3. The Student Facilities Fund shall continue to operate even after student fees are no longer collected into the Fund, as long as sufficient money remains in the Student Facilities Fund account.

Article 4: Accountability, Records, and Reports

Section 4.1: Student Facilities Fund Accountability to Stakeholders
The Subcommittee shall make all of its Student Facilities Fund records available to the public and issue an annual report of its activities to the Facilities Council, Facilities Management, Office of the Vice President for Administration & Finance, University Senate, Student Government Association, and the Graduate Student Government. This report shall be posted on the Facilities Management website (

Section 4.2: Accountability of Projects
A status report for all projects funded by the Student Facilities Fund shall be provided to the Subcommittee and to the Facilities Council on an annual basis. This report shall include schedule, scope, and financial information about the project.

Article 5: Amendment of Bylaws
Modifications to the Subcommittee Bylaws may be recommended to the University Facilities Council by a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the voting members of the Subcommittee. Recommended modifications must be consistent with the mission of the Student Facilities Fund.